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Add to Notion

(for Notion enthusiasts)

A Notion extension application to easily add your day to day findings to your spaces. 

Supported platforms:


Add to Notion and keep going

We love Notion, and we also have other things we need to focus on during the day.

Add clippings, ideas or tasks to Notion now and sort them later.


Add a new idea or task from any place

Add your ideas and keep on doing other stuff.

write new idea

Add to pages or databases

You can add your notes both inside a page or a database

page destination
database destination

Add from anywhere

From any browser or any desktop application,

copy a block and add it to Notion.


Clip web pages from any browser

Drag and drop the url address to clip the main article content from any web-page

clip from pdf

Add without loosing context

Use a shortcut to repeat the last destination and add multiple paragraphs without switching  applications and remain focused on your reading material. 

clip from email closed

Capture from anywhere

From any desktop application Browser, Emails, PDF, Chat, Code and more. If you can copy it, you can Add it to Notion

clip task from email

Be faster with shortcuts 

Master a few keystrokes to become lightning fast.

clip from pdf

Stay in the context

Add it now and sort it later without getting sidetracked out of what you were doing.


Add to Notion

Try it out now !